Tagalog Phrases For Compliments

Tagalog Phrases For Compliments

Surprise your Filipino friends by giving them a compliment in Tagalog! To emphasize your compliment, simply add ‘talaga’ to the end of each sentence below. ‘talaga’ means ‘really’.

Mabait ka. Mabait ka talaga.
You are kind. You are really kind.

Ang gwapo mo. / Gwapo ka.
You are handsome.

Ang ganda mo. / Maganda ka.
You are pretty.

Ang bango mo. / Mabango ka.
You smell good.

Ang seksi mo. / Seksi ka.
You are sexy.

Ang talino mo. /Matalino ka.
You are smart.

Ang bait mo. / Mabait ka.
You are kind.

Ang bait mo sa akin.
You are so kind to me.

Ang gwapo ng mukha mo.
Your face is handsome.

Ang seksi ng buhok mo.
Your hair is sexy.

Ang bango ng katawan mo.
Your body smells good.

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