Tagalog Conversations With Girlfriend’s Parents

Tagalog Conversations With Girlfriend’s Parents

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Philip has just arrived at a restaurant where he is meeting his girlfriend’s parents Francine and Julio for the first time. He is bombarded with questions that are typically asked by noisy Filipino parents.

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Philip: Kamusta po.
Francine: Kumain ka na, Philip?
Philip: Hindi pa po.
Julio: Upo ka. Mayroon kaming mga katanungan para sa iyo.
Francine: Mahal mo ba talaga ang anak namin?
Philip: Opo. Mahal na mahal ko po siya.
Julio: Nageeskwela ka pa ba?
Philip: Hindi na po. Nakatapos na po ako.
Julio: Mabuti.
Julio: May trabaho ka na ba? Saan ka nagtatrabaho ngayon?
Philip: Nagtatrabaho po ako sa istasyon ng pulisya sa Maynila.
Julio: Malaki ba ang suweldo ng mga pulis ngayon?
Philip: Tama lang po.
Francine: Kailan niyo ba ako ibibigyan ng mga apo?
Girlfriend: Nanay! Pwede na ba tayong kumain?
Lumalamig na ang pagkain!
Philip: Hello.
Francine: Have you eaten already, Philip?
Philip: Not yet.
Julio: Sit down. We have some questions for you.
Francine: Do you really love our daughter?
Philip: Yes. I love her very much.
Julio: Are you still schooling?
Philip: Not anymore. I finished already.
Julio: Good.
Julio: Do you have a job? Where are you working?
Philip: I am working at the police station in Manila.
Julio: Is the salary for policemen big nowadays?
Philip: Just right.
Francine: When will you two give me grandchildren?
Girlfriend: Mother! Can we eat now? The food is getting cold!


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