Tagalog Conversations At The Store

Tagalog Conversations At The Store

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A young man named Juan and an elderly clerk lady named Maria are at the local convenience store. Juan is purchasing a lottery ticket from Maria.

Tagalog English
Juan: Kamusta po. Pabili po ng isang loteri tiket po.
Maria: Eto.
Juan: Salamat po.
Juan: Hello, I’d like to buy one lottery ticket please.
Maria: Here.
Juan: Thank you.

Josie is purchasing milk from elderly Jon’s tindahan.

local store (typically connected to a home)

Tagalog English
Josie: Pabili po.
Josie: Mayroon po ba kayo ng gatas?
Jon: Oo, sampung piso lang.
Josie: Pabili po ng dalawa.
Jon: Eto, salamat.
Jon: Josie, paki alala sa tatay mo na may utang siya ng pera sa akin.
Josie: Okey po.
Jon: Salamat.
Josie: Can I buy?
Josie: Do you have milk?
Jon: Yes, for ten pesos only.
Josie: I want to buy two.
Jon: Here, thank you.
Jon: Josie, please remind your father that he owes me money.
Josie: Okay.
Jon: Thank you.


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