Tagalog Phrases About The Weather

Tagalog Phrases About The Weather

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The weather is a common topic for starting up a conversation. Like in English, Tagalog also uses phrases related to weather as forms of greetings.


Maganda ang panahon.
The weather is beautiful.

Magandang panahon.
Beautiful weather. (can be used as a casual greeting or to comment on the weather)

Masama ang panahon.
The weather is bad.

Mainit ang araw.
The day is hot.

Maulap ngayon.
It is cloudy today.

Maaraw ngayon.
It is sunny today.

Malamig ngayon.
It is cold today.

Mainit ngayon.
It is hot today.

Mahangin ngayon.
It is windy today.

Umuulan ngayon.
It is raining now.

Kumukulog na.
It’s thundering already.

Tagalog Conversations About The Weather

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Donald and Johnny are neighbors and long-time friends. Johnny is worried about his crops this season because the weather looks bad.

The Tagalog word ‘pare’ is slang for friend, pal, or ‘homie’.

Tagalog English
Donald: Kamusta ka, pare?
Johnny: Ayos lang, pare. Ikaw?
Donald: Nag-aalala ako sa aking mga pananim.
Johnny: Bakit?
Donald: Mukhang masama ang panahon. Baka may dadating na bagyo.
Johnny: Walang bagyo sa balita. Huwag kang mag-alala.
Donald: Wala ba talaga?
Johnny: Oo, pero mukhang mag-uulan talaga mamaya. Maraming ulap.
Donald: Sige pare. Uuwi na ako. Maingat ka.
Johnny: Sige, paalam.
Donald: How are you, friend?
Johnny: Just alright, friend. And you?
Donald: I am worried about my crops.
Johnny: Why?
Donald: The weather looks bad. Maybe a storm is coming.
Johnny: There is no storm in the news. Don’t worry about it.
Donald: There really isn’t?
Johnny: Yes, but it looks like it will really rain later. There are many clouds.
Donald: Alright, pal. I’ll go home now. Take care.
Johnny: Alright, goodbye.


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Jowa mo ba si Juan?
Is Juan your boyfriend?